Winter Weather & God Gave Us Brains. Let’s Use Them!

Principal’s Blog – January 8, 2024 

From Mrs. Marsh:  Winter Weather

If there is winter weather, I will share any changes to the school schedule with students, faculty, and staff via email ASAP.  I want everyone to be safe, while also prioritizing learning.  If we have school, but parents do not feel that it is safe for their student to come to school, we ask that parents call the school office (660-463-2238). Students will not be penalized for the absence, but they will be responsible for contacting instructors to complete the necessary work for the class periods missed.  

 From Mrs. Schmidt:   God gave us brains.  Let’s use them!  

Gamers. That’s who we are during Christmas break. Pitch, Dominoes, Yahtzee, Rack-O, Scrabble, Bananagrams, Five Crowns, Ticket to Ride, Catan, Wordle, Immaculate Grid.  What’s your family favorite? I believe that our Heavenly Father delights in His children enjoying His good gifts– gifts like warm fellowship, humorous conversations, and sharp minds. After all,   “Every good and perfect gift is from above, coming down from the Father of the heavenly lights, who does not change like shifting shadows.”  James 1:17

Educators know that the brain enjoys novelty. Indeed, it’s fun to flex brain muscles in new ways. I asked our SPLHS instructors to touch on the broad spectrum of learning they see on the daily. It turned into nothing short of an “Are you smarter than a Saint Paul Saint?” game. Parents (and grandparents), if you don’t know the answers, ask your SPLHS student to join you in this brain-flexing activity. The teachers assure me your student is the answer key.  

Q: What do we mean by “Vertical Righteousness” and “Horizontal Righteousness” in the life of a Christian? How are they different? (9/10 Religion)

Q: How much fentanyl can cause a deadly overdose? (Health)

Q: How many teaspoons of sugar are found in a regular 20-ounce bottle of Coke? (Health)

Q: What are “dead verbs” & why should a writer avoid using them? (Composition)

Q: What’s ν (nu)?  (Chemistry)

Q: Based on monetary damages, what’s the #1 crime on an annual basis in the US? (Forensics Science)

Q: There is a zone on a pickleball court that you are not allowed to stand and smash/spike a pickleball. What is that area called? (PE)

Q: Which branch of government is responsible for making laws? (Government)

Q: What are the two reasons people work? (Personal Finance)

Q: What is an infinite loop? (Intro. to Computer Science)
Q: For each kilogram of weight of a dog, 5 mg of the drug bretylium is to be given. If your dog weighs 15 lbs., how much of the drug should be given?   (Math Applications)

Q: If a triangle has two sides that are 10 and 12 inches in length, what is the range of possible lengths for the 3rd side?  (Geometry)

Q: What is the slope of the line y=3x+2?  (Algebra 2)

Q: What do Jews call the Old Testament? (College OT & Norwegian Comparative Doctrine)

Q: What is the town wide tomato fight in Spain called?  (Spanish)

The SPLHS faculty is another of God’s good gifts. They organize content & design stimulating lessons mindful that the brain loves novelty. Clearly they find joy in their vocation. If you appreciated this smattering of 15 questions, make a reservation to attend the SPLHS Trivia Night to be held on Saturday, February 17!  Watch for details in the coming weeks. In the meantime, keep your game strong!