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Welcome Back!

St. Paul's College and St. Paul's College High, together with today's Saint Paul Lutheran High School, has sent a "family" of alumni throughout the country and across the globe. These "Saints" (and Bluejays!) have served Christ and the community in countless ways.

The future of Saint Paul calls on those from the past to join in keeping their "Alma Mater" a place where God will shape lives, friendships and vocations.

Continue reading to find out alumni news and visit our Events page HERE to see what events and activities are coming up where you can connect with fellow alumni!



Rev. James Alvin Lange - SPCH '47, SPC '49 - went to his eternal home on June 30, 2021

Rev. Kenneth Fuehler - SPCH '62, SPC '64 - went to his eternal home on June 30, 2021.

Orville Bopp - SPC '41 - went to his eternal home on April 17, 2021

Raymond Schnake - SPCH '49 - went to his eternal home on February 19, 2021

Collin Oetting - SPLHS '16 - went to his eternal home on December 30, 2020

Timothy Fabry - SPC '72went to his eternal home on January 17, 2020

Rev. Kenneth Frerking - SPCH '50, SPC '52 -
 went to his eternal home on January 12, 2019


If an SPCH, SPC, or SPLHS Alumni has passed away in the past 2 years and is not included on our memorial list, please email us at
Thank you for helping us keep our records up to date.



Class Reunion - Class of 1965

Staircase, Left to Right: Les & Yvonne Mitkos, Elaine & Al Meyer, Nancy & Jim Fritsche.
Front Row, Left to Right: Gary & Linda Muetzelfeld, Kathy & Ron Mueller, Connie & Gary Martens.
If any members of the class would like a CD of images from the reunion, please let us know by emailing


Alumni Reunion - Kansas City, MO - August 7, 2021

Back Row, Left to Right: Bruce Hass, SPC '72; Ron Atkinson, SPCH '71; Curt Nierman, SPLH '91; Brett Martens, SPLH '91; Peter Lewis, SPLH '99; Kent Kunkel, SPLH '89.
Front Row, Left to Right: Greg Kunkel, SPCH '77, SPC '84; Jeff Kunkel, SPLH '81; Greg Guemmer, SPCH '82; Paula Kunkel Hass, SPCH '75; Rick Stohs, SPCH '75; Kurt Letcher, SPLH '89; Brad Kunkel, SPCH '85; Bart Mueller, SPCH '78, SPC '79; Cassie Stuerke Curtis, SPLH '99.
Not Pictured: Tim & Hope Mehl, SPLH '13 & '14; Nick & Shannon Virus, SPLH '01 & '08.


Alumni Reunion - Franklin, WI - July 28, 2021

Left to right: Wayne & Beverly Schroeder, SPC '63; Heather Greiwe Shultz, SPLH '99; Nick Gasau SPLH '98; John Hinck, SPCH '80; Kent Kunkel, SPLH '89; Jayne Emmrich Rosenberg, SPLH '92; John Wohlrabe, SPLH '71.


Class Reunion 2000 & 2001 - Concordia, MO - June 5-6


Alumni Reunion - New Braunfels, TX - June 3, 2021

Left to Right: Bob Gerlach, SPC '76; Kay Olson, SPCH '80; Alvin Lange, SPCH '55, SPC '57; Curt Nierman, SPLH '91; Lloyd Sommerer, SPLH '88; Joel Lange, SPCH '84; Beth Royuk Pester, SPLH '92; Kent Kunkel, SPLH '89; Sam Sommerer, SPLH '88.


Alumni Reunion - Houston, TX - June 1, 2021

Left to Right: Mary Dawson, SPCH '85; Laura Molitor, SPLH '10; Renate McLeod, SPCH '81; Mark Baacke, SPCH '69, SPC '71; Evelyn Stuhr, SPC '66; Debbie Baacke, SPC '71; Nathan Frerking, SPCH '86; Mark Junkans, SPLH '89; Rebecca Jank Limmer, SPCH '82; Kent Kunkel, SPLH '89; Paul Stuenkel, SPCH '70.



Chess match from 1913.



Guest housing is available on campus in Biltz and Heilman Halls. Alumni are always welcome to visit, or just to stay on your way down Interstate 70.

For rooms and availability, contact, or call 660-463-2238 ext. 345. We can also help you with reunions on campus!

Contact us at 660-463-2238, ext 242, or
P.O. Box 719, Concordia MO 64020.