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Tuition & Financial Aid


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“TADS” is the online tuition billing system for Saint Paul. Within your “TADS” site, agreements are made with families, and account balances can be seen. Automatic payments can be set up, and charges and credits can be viewed. Payment plans are created to fit each individual student and family. If you have questions about billing, or have not been granted access to “TADS,” you can always email or call the billing office at 660-463-2238 ext. 244. “TADS” can be accessed with the Pay Online link below.


Grants &
Financial Aid


Financial Assistance is available through various endowments and scholarships that have been gifted to Saint Paul. Those requesting consideration for assistance will complete a Grant & Aid Assessment through our TADS site. Click on the Financial Aid Tab and follow the instructions.  There is a fee for the Assessment, and they must be completed each year you desire scholarship consideration. Deadlines for these applications are late July, so that we can award financial aid by the start of the school year.

 We also encourage students to consider “Work Study.” Paid jobs on campus are available for those who qualify which can be used to assist with expenses. There may be outside sources of aid from congregations, districts, or other places. 

 Saint Paul promises to personally and confidentially assist with each and every student family. .



There are many scholarships available for seniors as they apply for college. We will make information available on campus, and our Principal’s Office is always a resource for students.

We can also provide the recommendations and transcripts needed.