boldly forward

Dear Fellow Saints,

For almost 140 years, Saint Paul Lutheran High School has been the high school for future leaders in the church and those seeking a strong Christian education. Saint Paul Lutheran High School, her faculty, staff, and students, have been fantastic stewards of our resources, facilities, and gifts as we have all worked together in helping to train up, and be, those leaders in the church and world.  As those given the responsibility of seeing Saint Paul Lutheran High School into the future and her continued ministry, we have been doing the work of planning and preparing for how to best support this ministry.

$10m goal : $1m currently raised!

An important part of supporting our school is continually improving facilities and providing funds to aid students financially to attend Saint Paul Lutheran High School.  We are thankful for our generous donors who are supporting our school through financial gifts to update and maintain the school's buildings and endowment fund.


$10m goal : $3,156,386 currently raised!



Last  summer, Saint Paul Lutheran High School teamed up with Lutheran Church Extension Fund (LCEF) to conduct a Feasibility Study for our next capital campaign, Boldly Forward.  The goal of this feasibility study was to receive feedback from alumni, stakeholders, and supporters to help determine our level of awareness, unity, and commitment toward the campaign.

In July, six forums were held - three in person and three via Zoom.  All of the attendees were given time to express their opinions and provide comments.  Notes were taken and submitted to LCEF for the final report.  In August, over 5,000 surveys were mailed out and the participants were asked to return the surveys back to LCEF.

The final Feasibility Study Report was given to the Saint Paul Lutheran High School Board of Trustees during the November board meeting.  After discussion, the Board decided to enter into our Boldly Forward $20 million Capital Campaign: $10 million for Student Support (including scholarships and facility improvements) and $10 million for the Saint Paul Lutheran High School Endowment Fund, prioritized as follows:

Student Support
  • Saint Paul Lutheran High School Scholarship Fund.
  • Brust Dormitory Improvements: New roof, upgraded bathroom facilities, a modernized lobby, and remodeled common spaces.
  • Krueger Dining Hall Improvements: reimagined as a multi-use dining and conference center with student gathering spaces, remodeled kitchen with modernized food prep and serving equipment, and handicap access.
  • Baepler Hall Improvements: Updated Science laboratories and classrooms.
  • Kaeppel Hall Improvements: Complete remodel of Kaeppel Hall with new spaces for performing arts and media center.
  • Weis Gymnasium Improvements: updated Annex with expanded weight room, handicap access, and a new multipurpose court that can be used for basketball, tennis, and pickleball.
Saint Paul Endowment
  • Establish a Saint Paul Lutheran High School Endowment Fund: A new endowment fund will be created to help provide stable and consistent revenue for Saint Paul Lutheran High School.

Please join us in prayer as we lift up our leaders to move Boldly Forward for the future of Saint Paul Lutheran High School.

If you have a desire to be involved with planning, organizing, implementing, and following-through with seeing our goals realized, please reach out to Paul Mehl, Executive Director at Saint Paul Lutheran High School, or Dr. Beth Pester, Capital Campaign Chair,  Whether you’re local to Concordia, or across the globe, we’d love to find just the right place for you to join in the work of helping to see Saint Paul Lutheran High School into the future!

Frequently Asked Questions

Phase 1 of the For All the Saints Capital Campaign has been fully funded! 

  • Quad was repaved | video >
  • New 6' sidewalks were poured inside campus and 19 new LED lamp posts were installed to provide better security and guidance | video >
  • Baepler has a new HVAC system and LED lighting | video >
  • New Victory Bell & Plaza area complete | video >
  • Moeller Hall has a new roof | video >
  • 6' sidewalks were poured to get to the football field and lights were installed video >