residence life

More than half of Saint Paul Lutheran High School students reside on campus in separate residence halls for boys and girls. Each resident hall has a supervisor who guides and directs resident-life activities and serves as role models, confidants, and advisers.

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residence halls


    Girl's Resident Halls

    The Girls' Resident HallSupervisors at Moeller Hall is Miss Clarissa Spiehs (left) and Miss Grace O’Neal (right). 

    Grace O’Neal is from Spirit Lake, IA and graduated from Concordia University, Nebraska with a Bachelors of Science in Education and English as a second language endorsement. Her hobbies include running, creating art, writing song lyrics, and baking! She also enjoys teaching, reading, and being outside to appreciate nature in all seasons. Miss O’Neal was involved in student life work as a resident assistant in college and she is thrilled to be at SPLHS. "I am excited to grow in my faith life and encourage others in their walk with God as well."

    Clarissa Spiehs was born in Grand Island, Nebraska, on April 9, 2001 and lived with her twin brother, Thomas, her older brother, Bart, and her parents, Doug and Carole Spiehs in Worms, Nebraska until she was three. The family then moved to an acreage near Hubbard, Iowa, her mom’s hometown.  Miss Spiehs attended Clemons Lutheran School until 5th grade and then attended Hubbard-Radcliffe Public Elementary. She graduated with the class of 2019 from South Hardin High School. During high school, Miss Spiehs was involved in 4-H, FFA, choir, and church youth group.  St. Paul Lutheran Church in Eldora, Iowa is her home congregation.

    Miss Spiehs attended Concordia University, Nebraska and graduated with her K-12 Art Education Degree and her Lutheran Teaching Diploma this past May. She student-taught at Randolph Elementary School in Lincoln, Nebraska and St. Paul Lutheran High School in Concordia, Missouri.

    Miss Spiehs has her own sewing business called Gumdrop Creations. She also likes to garden and cook. At the 2023 LWML Convention, she was a Young Woman Representative from the Iowa East District.


    Boy's Resident Halls

    The Boys' Resident Hall Supervisor at Heilman Hall is Mr. Micah Gerdts (left) and at Brust Hall is Mr. Scott Borchardt (right). 

    Mr. Gerdts grew up in Concordia and graduated from SPLHS in 2018.  He started as the Resident Hall Supervisor in Heilman during the 2nd semester of the 2021-2022 school year and is looking forward to having a full year in the dorm and getting to know the students even better.

    Mr. Borchardt graduated from Concordia College - Ann Arbor, Michigan in 1983, and after working with youth in various positions in St. Louis, Missouri, he moved to Concordia to supervise the boys' dormitory on the campus of Saint Paul Lutheran High School.  Mr. Borchardt also does some teaching and assisting where needed with other phases of student life.  "It has been an honor and privilege to watch the boys who come to Saint Paul Lutheran High School grow into young men," says Mr. Borchardt. 

health services

Health Services opens at 7:40am Monday through Friday.
Dorm students who feel ill should see Mrs. Hentges at 7:40am.

Mrs. Rachael Hentges, RN...

heads our Health Services Team. Our goal is to provide excellent care for our students. Both residential and local students will have access to assistance with health needs at all times.

Concordia has general care, dental, and eyecare clinics. There are hospitals approximately 25 miles away in Warrensburg, Missouri, and Marshall, Missouri.  A local pharmacy is also located in Concordia.

Questions about Health Services can be directed to the school, or to Mrs. Hentges at 660.463.2238 ext. 231, or email.

Some helpful tips from the nurse:
  • take a shower first and then see how you feel
  • eat breakfast every day
  • drink water; hydration is important to your health
  • limit your screen time
  • get quality sleep
  • calling, texting, or emailing the nurse is not the protocol; go see her in person
  • do not text the dorm counselor on days the nurse is in
  • do not call the SPO
  • Mrs. Hentges can only properly assess you in person in her office
    • if you come to the nurse's office and she is not available, then go to the SPO