Spring Things – From the Principal’s Office

The month of March signals movement. Farmers know this. Teachers, coaches, parents, and airlines do, too. Here at SPLHS movement abounds. It always has.  Right now in March of 2023, The Singing Saints are moving along to warmer climates on their choir tour. Seniors are moving forward with their college application/ scholarship process.  Spring sports teams moved onto their playing fields this week!  In our office, we agree that we feel better when we are moving.

The word “move” is mentioned approximately 148 times in the Bible, and that doesn’t include the forms “moving,” “movement,” or “moved.”  The book of Genesis illustrates the connection between movement and life. God made us to move.  In Acts 17, Paul speaks to the people of Athens, relating how movement and life go together in God’s creation. Finally, in Acts 17, verses 27 & 28, Paul proclaims, “God did this so that they would seek Him and perhaps reach out for Him and find Him, though He is not far from any one of us. For in Him we live and move and have our being.”

As we move through the month of March, please keep the following people and events, as well as the other calendar items in your prayers.  It’s a busy season.  The Saints are on the move.  May we all live and move and have our being in Him.



CUNE student teachers will join us on March 6.  Breanna Green will work with Mr. Toensing and Mrs. Ivie in the math department and Clarissa Spiehs will work with Aaron Brandt in the art  department.

Dr. Bernard Bull, CUNE President, will be on campus leading chapel on March 13.  He will eat lunch with senior students planning to attend CUNE, and the faculty will also have the opportunity to meet with him.  We are excited to host Dr. Bull.

Congratulations to the recently elected student government officers who will serve from March 2023 – March 2024.  We appreciate their willingness to use their time & talents to continue to make SPLHS a place where students may boldly proclaim Jesus.

  • President- Josiah Muehler
  • Vice President- Gold Huynh
  • Secretary- Michaela Gibbs
  • SOS Committee Chairs- Alex Frerking & Averil Finnern
  • Athletic Life Chairs- Morgan Anderson & Sophia Burrow
  • Social Life Chairs- Lauren Kennon & Nevaeh Rozell
  • International Life Chairs- Alexandra Simonova & Elias Sharp
  • Spiritual Life Chair- Jotham Davis
  • Dining Hall Chairs- Tim Pester & Owen Isdell

SPLHS will be taking part in the LCMS Missouri District SHINE event in April. A group of SPLHS students will be working out in the community while the rest of the students and faculty will be working on a few campus cleanup projects.


Fun Trips:

Friday, March 10 – Mrs. Ivie & Dr. Schmidt will take their Intro to Computer Programming, Engineering and College Physics classes to Garmin’s Week of Aviation activities.

Tuesday, March 14 – The Class of 2023 will take their first senior outing to TopGolf in Overland Park followed by lunch and fellowship.

Saturday, April 15 – Prom at Eagle Bluff Ranch.  Driving/Riding and Outside Date Permission Forms can be found at the SPLHS website under Parents- Forms.


VISION:  We are Saints chosen for vocations that use all of our gifts to live the love of Jesus in this broken world.