SPLHS End of the Year Update

The SPLHS German Christmas Market weekend was another rousing success with thousands of
visitors and shoppers on campus for a quick two day weekend (December 8 -9). The next week
was filled with basketball games, finals and travel for our students as they headed into the 3
week Christmas break. It’s always a very busy time of the year.

The BOLDLY FORWARD campaign is on track as this week (December 18-20) the asbestos
abatement team has cleared the way for the Brust renovations that are scheduled for the
summer of 2024.

We are sad to see the departure of Mr. Kent Kunkel from our development department as he
has decided to move on to other ventures. Kent continues to have a passionate love for this
school and her mission. He will be a blessing to others as he has been to us.

As the year ends, we know that many folks will be looking at their finances and making
decisions regarding donations and even legacy gifting. We hope that you will keep Saint Paul in
mind as you manage God’s blessings. Pray also to the Lord of the Harvest to send students who
will become future laborers in the Kingdom.

May your Advent preparations result in a blessed Christmas season and on to the new year. I
Yours in Christ,

Rev. Paul M. Mehl
Executive Director