servants of the saints

Saint Paul Lutheran High School parents and families are all members of "S.O.S."  We call ourselves "Servants of the Saints" as we support and encourage students.  Throughout the year, we have meetings and projects that will enrich the experiences of the Saint Paul Lutheran High School students.  Every mom and dad (and grandparents, brothers, and sisters), will be asked to participate with the other families in the various events we sponsor. We will have opportunities to raise funds for projects, provide meals for students and families, and work to make the school a place where young people will see what it means to be a willing servant of Christ.

Watch the Facebook page for details and updates on SOS events!

Meeting Minutes


Next Meeting: August 2023
during Back to School orientation

August 12, 2023

September 13, 2023

Board of Directors


Servants of the Saints officers and chairmen for the 2023-2024 academic year are listed below.  Contact these people if you have questions about an upcoming project.

Chair Person | Sara Larsen |

Post-Chair | Lorie Kreisel

Vice-Chair | Elisa Oetting

Secretary | Sarah McGinnis

Treasurer | Matt Rankin

Join us!

You can become a Servant of the Saints, today! For more information, please email Sara Larsen, or fill out a volunteer form with your special interests, and we will be in touch!

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tentative schedule for the academic year

  • 2023-2024 Dates


    August 19: Saints Golf Classic Evening Meal

    September: Fall Festival Food Prep

    September 6 - 9: Ice Cream Stand @ Fall Festival

    September 13 (Wed.): SOS MEETING

    September 16: Fall Rummage Sale Move Date 

    September 27-30: Fall Rummage Sale

    October 4 (Wed.): SOS MEETING

    October 5: Homecoming Bonfire

    November 3 & 4: Christmas Rummage & Bake Sale 

    November 8 (Wed.): SOS MEETING

    December: No Meeting

    December 8 & 9: Christkindelsmarkt

    December 10: Christmas Choir Concert Reception

    January 10 (Wed.): SOS MEETING

    January 20: Courtwarming Soup/Chili Supper

    February 7 (Wed.): SOS MEETING

    March (Date TBD): Spring Rummage Sale

    March 5 (TUES.): SOS MEETING

    March 17: Sausage Dinner

    March 17: Choir Concert Reception

    April 10 (Wed.): SOS MEETING

    May (Date TBD): Finals Treat (Hannah Bananas)

    May 8 (Wed.): SOS MEETING (tentative)

    May 16: Awards Banquet

    **SOS Meetings are scheduled to be held at 6:00pm (except August)**