Mission, Scheduling & Scholarships

The mission of Saint Paul Lutheran High School is to provide curricular and co-curricular experiences in a Christian environment that equip students for joyful, faithful service.  A response similar to “Wow, I could never do that” is usually what I hear when I tell people I am a high school teacher.  There are certainly days when it can be hard or frustrating, but this mission statement is something that I keep in front of my eyes and the eyes of our faculty and staff.  We are joyful because of what has been done for us, not because of this imperfect world.  Faithful, because Jesus showed us faithfulness on the cross.  Jesus provided us a model for joyful, faithful service.  While we are not perfect like Jesus, it is my hope that parents, teachers, coaches, dining hall staff, maintenance workers, and community members can work together to model joyful, faithful service for Saint Paul Lutheran High School students.  I witness joyful and faithful quite often. I see families warmly welcoming new students into their homes.  I see parents sharing time and talents with our school and students.  I see coaches/leaders volunteering their time to provide co-curricular experiences for our students.  I see teachers continually working to provide students with valuable curricular experiences.  I see all members of the faculty and staff working early mornings, late nights, and weekends to ensure that our residential campus meets the needs of all students both day and dorm.   Each member of the Saint Paul Lutheran High School community has been gifted with unique time and talents and we are so thankful for all the ways the family of Saint Paul Lutheran High School works to achieve His mission.  GTGTG for Joyful, Faithful Saints!

Our goal is to finalize the class schedule for 2024-2025 soon.  We should begin working with current juniors on class schedules by the middle of April.  After all members of the class of 2025 have made schedules, we will move onto the class of 2026, then 2027.  We will make schedules for all students, but as classes fill, re-enrollment and up-to-date tuition payments will be required to hold seats in classes.  Since 2020 we have done scheduling in the summer.  We are returning to the practice of scheduling in the spring to help both teachers and students plan ahead for the 2024-2025 school year.  

Some families may receive letters notifying them of the number of absences their student has accumulated.  These letters should not be seen as negative, but simply as communication regarding the value of daily attendance. If you receive a letter and have any questions, you may contact Mrs. Schmidt or Mrs. Marsh. 

Seniors have received emails from Mrs. Marsh regarding scholarship opportunities.  Emails are sent to all seniors as new scholarship applications are received in the office.  Additionally, each Friday the email that is sent to all students contains a link to  College Scholarships and Grants document.  This document is also available on the Saint Paul Lutheran High School website under the “About” tab then choose the Academics page and scroll to the bottom.  Seniors should also keep a list of all scholarships they are awarded. Mrs. Marsh will request a list from each senior prior to the awards banquet to recognize the work and accomplishments of the members of the class.