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Health Services

Mrs. Rachael Hentges, RN, heads our Health Services Team. Our goal is to provide excellent care for our students. Both residential and local students will have access to assistance with health needs at all times.

Concordia has general care, dental, and eyecare clinics. There are hospitals approximately 25 miles away in Warrensburg, Missouri, and Marshall, Missouri.  A local pharmacy is also located in Concordia.

Questions about Health Services can be directed to the school, or to Mrs. Hentges at 660-463-2238 ext. 231, or email at

Hours: Health Services opens at 7:40am Monday through Friday.
Dorm students who feel ill should see Mrs. Hentges at 7:40am.

Some helpful tips from the nurse:

  • take a shower first and then see how you feel
  • eat breakfast every day
  • drink water; hydration is important to your health
  • limit your screen time
  • get quality sleep
  • calling, texting, or emailing the nurse is not the protocol; go see her in person
  • do not text the dorm counselor on days the nurse is in
  • do not call the SPO
  • Mrs. Hentges can only properly assess you in person in her office
    • if you come to the nurse's office and she is not available, then go to the SPO