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Type of School Private, college-preparatory high school; grades 9-12; founded in 1883.

Enrollment Approximately 200 students from around the United States as well as from around the world represent our student body.  Approximately 37% of our students are from outside the United States, 48% are local students, and 52% of students live in dormitories.

Expenses It is our goal to make an education at Saint Paul financially possible for everyone.  Through various scholarships and endowments, families can be assisted as they demonstrate need through our Grant & Aid assessments.

Spiritual life Saint Paul welcomes students of all faiths and denominations who understand the school's character and expectations.  All students are expected to attend chapel and church and to conduct themselves in accordance with school standards.

Teachers All teachers are committed to continued learning and most already have Master's degrees.  Instructors are willing to help students outside of classes and are normally available with office hours after the school day.

Housing and weekend activities Residential students are housed on campus during the school year (mid-August to mid-May).  During breaks, students can stay with family members or friends; the dormitories are closed.  Occasional trips off campus are offered on Saturdays to shopping malls, baseball games, etc.  Weekly transportation to the Bratcher's, the local grocery store, or Dollar General in town is offered.

Campus Concordia, Missouri, with around 2,500 residents, is the home of Saint Paul.  The campus includes 40 acres, with classroom and residence buildings, a fine arts building, and several large practice fields for sports.

Flight access Direct domestic and international flights depart and arrive at Kansas City International Airport, 70 miles from Concordia.  Student transportation to and from the airport is available as needed through the school.  The airport code for Kansas City is MCI.

Accreditation Saint Paul is accredited by National Lutheran School Accreditation (NLSA), AdvancEd, and COGNIA.  Saint Paul was recently awarded the distinction of Exemplary School by the NLSA Board.

School year begins mid-August and ends mid-May and includes several vacation periods. Important school dates are available on the calendar page.

Academic advisors Students are assigned to teacher advisors for course planning.  Students also begin each day with their advising teacher in homeroom.

Academics Saint Paul has a college preparatory focus and most students go on to university studies.  Review the Academics page for a complete list of courses.

Sports, student organizations, and clubs Saint Paul makes every effort to provide team-building activities for its students.  Everyone is encouraged to explore their talents or abilities through our extra-curricular programs.

Communication with parents Teachers, dorm supervisors, and administrators are always happy to hear from parents with questions or concerns.  Calls or emails to the school will be directed to the proper staff person.  Someone will let parents know if there is a question we have, a problem, or emergency that involves their student.

When do I apply?
We are always receiving inquiries and applications.  Most applications begin in the early spring for the coming academic year.  Financial Aid applications generally begin in May, and must be completed by the end of July to be considered for the coming academic year. 

Will my child have a roommate?
Yes, he/she will.  Having a roommate is generally considered a good way to learn things about ourselves as well as others.  Private rooms are not always available, but will be offered on an individual basis if we are able to provide them.

What does my child do if he/she is sick? 
Saint Paul has a Director of Health Services available for our students, as well as a team that works together.  If a student is sick and needs to be excused from classes, the Director of Health Services will assess them and check on them throughout the day.

What kind of food is served?
Our dining service provides breakfast, lunch, and dinner on all days except Saturday when they serve brunch and dinner.  There are always a good variety of meals as the menus are on a six-week rotation and each lunch and dinner has salad bar options as well.

Where does my child keep spending money?
Located in our Business Office is a student bank. The bank is open Monday through Friday after school until 4:00 pm.  Students may deposit or withdraw funds from their account.  Parents may establish a weekly allowance with the Business Office.

How do I find out how my child is doing in class?
Saint Paul faculty meets weekly to discuss the progress of students. Mid-term evaluations are completed and distributed each quarter to the student. Parents may contact their child’s Advisor or the Assistant Principal for additional information. Saints Central is an online site with current information on student academic progress.

Can students have cell phones?
Yes, a student may have a cell phone.  The use of a phone is restricted to the lunch period, after school, and weekends.

As an international student how do I get a visa?
Our Admissions Department is able to assist students in getting a visa.  Saint Paul is certified to receive international students, and they can apply for a visa as part of our admissions process.