March for Life

Five Students from Saint Paul Lutheran High School attended the 50th Annual March of Life in Washington DC

Five students and one chaperone from Saint Paul Lutheran High School had the opportunity to go to Washington DC and participate in the 50th Annual March for Life.  They were joined by thousands of other pro-life supporters as they gathered and marched at the National Mall.  The March for Life is held around the anniversary of the Roe vs Wade Supreme Court Case every year, and this year, the 50th Annual March for Life, was the first march since Roe vs Wade was overturned.

“The reason I wanted to go was because I believe that we should speak out for those who can’t because they deserve a voice and a life,” said Joy Anna, a freshman at SPLHS.

Before the actual march, students were able to listen to different speakers, create their own posters, and get to know other people who were attending the event as well.  “My favorite part of the trip was learning about what actually happens before, during, and after an abortion.  I learned the demographics of women who get abortions,” said Hannah, an SPLHS freshman.  Heidi, a sophomore at SPLHS, added in, “I learned that we don’t only need to attend to the babies’ needs but also those of the mother and father.  We need to be there to support them.  One constant theme from the conference was hope.  We can continue to have hope knowing that God is working all things for good.”

“My favorite part of the trip to Washington DC was while we were waiting for the March for Life to start.  The entire group sang hymns, said the Apostle’s Creed, and prayed the Lord’s Prayer together,” said Heidi.  Jotham, an SPLHS junior, agreed.  “My favorite part of the trip to DC was definitely the march itself and especially singing hymns and praying,” he added, “I wanted to prove to myself that I will take a stand against that which is demonic and evil.”

What an awesome experience for these 5 students from Saint Paul Lutheran High School.  To learn more about the March for Life, visit the website at