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What is a World Party?

What is a World Party?
A world party happens after every home football game and allows students, parents, family, faculty, alumni, and friends of Saint Paul to socialize and eat food.  Today, world parties take place on campus either in the Dining Hall or the Annex.

How did World Parties get Started?
World Parties initially began in the 1980's by local families who wanted to do something for the students after football games.  These families would invite all students and families over to their homes after football games for food and fellowship.  Other families wanted to become involved, but did not live around Concordia, so they occasionally began being hosted on campus.  Having them on campus became convenient and eventually all World Parties were hosted on campus.

Who Sponsors a World Party?
Today, each World Party is sponsored by different groups (SOS, senior class, football moms, etc.) and that group provides the main course and does the set-up and clean-up.

What Should I Bring?
Each family that attends a World Party is asked to bring a 2-liter and a side dish or dessert.  These items can be dropped off at the Dining Hall or Annex prior to the Football game.

Why is it Called a World Party?
Saint Paul has students from 17 different countries, so everyone from "the world" is invited: students, families, faculty, friends, alumni... EVERYONE!

How Can I Sponsor a World Party?
Contact us at if you are interested in sponsoring a World Party.

Students, Families, Faculty, Alumni, and Friends enjoying a World Party

Filling plates with food at the World Party