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Saint Paul is a residential high school committed to “preparing leaders to declare Christ.”  A global mission in the heart of Missouri, Saint Paul has been dedicated to education in the finest Lutheran tradition since 1883.

Students at Saint Paul are academically encouraged to be prepared for a college environment, and inspired to see their future as a vocation of service to God and to one another.

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2017-18 Student Body 203  .  International Students 59  .  Countries represented 15  .  Local (Day) Students 96  .  Boys 105  .  Girls 98  .  Students planning for college 97%

The “mission” of Saint Paul is to provide curricular and co-curricular experiences in a Christian environment that equip students for joyful, faithful service to Christ and His world.

Campus Map
Close Weis Gymnasium

6 Weis Gymnasium

This building houses our gym, locker rooms and an extra meeting space called "The Annex"

Close Fine Arts

5 Fine Arts

Lutheran Bible Translators is located here as well as Art classes and our music with band, strings and choir meeting here.

Close Biltz Hall

7 Biltz Hall

This is the campus conference center. There are hotel style rooms for overnight stays as well as meeting rooms on the ground floor.

Close Kaeppel  Chapel

8 Kaeppel Chapel

Chapel is held here 3 times a week as well as student meetings, school plays and other programing on the main stage.

Close Brust Hall

9 Brust Hall

Boys Dorm

Close Heilman Hall

2 Heilman Hall

Boys Dorm

Close Mooeller Hall

3 Moeller Hall

Girls Dorm

Close Krueger Dining Hall

4 Krueger Dining Hall

Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner served daily.

Close Baepler Hall

1 Baepler Hall

Administrative offices, Admissions, and most classes are located here.

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