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Project Warmth

What is Project Warmth?
Project Warmth is sponsored by the Kansas City Star.  They collect blankets and coats each year and give them to children and adults in need around the greater Kansas City area to help stay warm during the winter months.  They have been doing this project for over 30 years.

School Collection Contest
The Kansas City Star sponsors a school collection contest each year.  They partner with Technology Group Solutions and give away 2 prizes to the top schools.  Saint Paul has participated in this contest for about 10 years and has always been one of the top, if not the top school since participation in the contest.

How Can I Help?
Gather together any coats and blankets that you no longer use and drop them off on the porch at Heilman Hall on Saint Paul’s Campus.  (Heilman is the first building on your right when coming on campus through the main entrance.)  Please leave donations in 39-gallon outdoor garbage bags.

Saint Paul’s impact
Last year, Saint Paul reached an all-time high for Project Warmth with 222 blankets and 1,534 coats donated.  Let’s see if we can set a new record this year!  Thank you in advance for helping us show Christian love to others.

Saint Paul Lutheran High School collected over 1,500 coats and over 200 blankets
last year for Project Warmth, setting a new record for the Kansas City Star.