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Finals Week

Finals Week at SPLHS - 1st semester 2018-2019

Finals will be held December 13, 14, 17 & 18.  The schedule for finals will be:


                                                       Morning                                Afternoon    

            Thursday       12/13/18         1st  hour                                 5th hour

             Friday            12/14/18          2nd hour                                6th hour

             Monday         12/17/18         3rd  hour                                7th hour

             Tuesday         12/18/18          4th  hour                                 8th  hour



            Finals Schedule

                         Faculty Devotions                            8:30-8:45

                        Homeroom                                           9:00-9:15

                        Final Review                                        9:20-9:45

                        Final                                                         9:45-11:15

                        Chapel/Awards                                 11:30-12:00

                        Lunch                                                      12:00-12:55

                        Final Review                                        1:00-1:30

                        Final                                                         1:30-3:00



**Students are expected to attend chapel each day of the week. 

 **Students may be dismissed from lunch when they are finished, but they are not
    allowed to leave campus unless they are travelling home.