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Participating in athletics is one of many ways students can get involved at Saint Paul. Through playing, managing, or cheering from the stands, teamwork builds character, determination, and leadership. At Saint Paul, students learn life lessons on and off the field.


Pocket Calendar Changes (click here)

Football August 17 Jamboree @ Sweet Springs 6:30pm

Volleyball August 20 Jamboree @ Hickman, Columbia 6pm

Soccer August 27 vs. Green Ridge 4:30pm

Golf August 31 @ Boonville Tournament

Cross Country September 8 @ Holden




Football . Calendar, Jamboree
Coach: Larry Laubenstein
Assistant Coach: Clint Colwell, Peter Lemmons, Tom Long

Soccer . Calendar
Coach: Jacob Toensing
Assistant Coach: Luther Schmidt, Mike Rodewald

Cross Country . Calendar
Coaches: Gina Martens
Assistant Coach: Eric Gramenz

Basketball . Calendar
Coach: Monte Pitsch
Assistant Coach: Peter Lemmons, Clint Stuenkel

Baseball .  
Coach: Eric Gramenz
Assistant Coach: Bart Mueller, Doug Griffith

Golf .
Coach: Aaron Brandt

Track & Field .
Coach: Paul Deterding, Tom Lange

Wrestling . Calendar
Coach: Tom Long



Volleyball . Calendar, Jamboree
Coach: Tom Lange
Assistant Coach: Angela Ivie, Tiffany Bennett, Rebecca Roepe

Golf . Calendar
Coach: Monte Pitsch

Cross Country . Calendar
Coaches: Gina Martens, Eric Gramenz

Coach: Andrea Schmidt
Assistant Coach: Amy Gerdts

Basketball . Calendar
Coach: John Beerman
Assistant Coach: Eric Gramenz, Tiffany Bennett

Soccer .
Coach: Jacob Toensing
Assistant Coach: Luther Schmidt, Mike Rodewald

Softball .
Coach: Meredith Marsh
Assistant Coach: Kevin Brackman

Track & Field .
Coach: Paul Deterding, Tom Lange